Don’t you just love Halloween?

Don’t you just love Halloween? I know I do….

It is not the candy…. it is not the costumes…
It is not the parties that both young and old alike attend. It is not the corn mazes that you can get lost in. I have never under stood the combination of eating donuts and drinking apple cider so it sure is not that.

Haunted houses…. well they can be real fun.

Several places offer haunted houses that you can venture into if you are brave enough.. I must tell you a story about that. Many years ago we picked up the neighbor boy, Brian to go to a haunted house in Dundee. He was probably about 13 at the time.

While standing in line waiting for our turn, we watched the people as they exited the haunted house. Many were crying.. most were laughing… almost all were holding onto each other. It really was fun to watch them. Then it was our turn.. Now I had never been to a haunted house before and I certainly had never taken anyone… of course at the last minute my husband decided that he had to be somewhere else at the exact time we were being ushered into this deep dark hole……

Words can NOT express what the haunted house was like. I can only tell you what it was like to have a kid hide his head in my back covering his eyes with my sweater shoving me all the way though and screaming… now mind you this kid didn’t see anything.. he couldn’t of.. his head was buried in my back… Yes it was very scary.. The minute we got out my husband was waiting for us, and Brian said… “that wasn’t so bad.. can we go again????”Nope…. none of that is why I love Halloween…. I love this time of year because on the radio I can hear this great song…… You can’t help but tap your toes and dance the Monster Mash right along with them…. I especially love the Crypt Kicker Five outfits. If I were dressing up for a Halloween party I would dress like those gals… gotta love a good looking outfit like that.

I hope you enjoy Bobby “Boris” Picket and the Crypt Kicker Five as much as I do. I have my dancing shoes on… how about you?

Beyond Basics Health Coaching


My name is Ashley Daniels.  I have lived in Ida all of my life. I work for Beyond Basics Health Coaching. We are a holistic nutrition education company.We have mainly done one-on-one coaching for many years and have developed a structure that has produced amazing success with our clients!

Clients have reported no longer having diabetes, colon cancer, heart disease, fatty liver disease, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, weight loss issues, infertility, high cholesterol, and so much more. It’s been amazing to see, and we know anyone can benefit from living a healthy lifestyle.

This is the reason we have put our program on videos!  We are launching the video based program June 8th.

We feel that inspiration and education is key to the success of someone who wants to make a lifestyle change. We educate clients on:
–       Food quality education: dairy, meat, gluten, sugar, soy, nutrient dense food, integration of veggies, raw vs non,     organic, Non GMO, use food to heal and so much more.
–       How your body responds to food (personally)
–       What to buy and why
–       Baby steps over six months
–       Menu planning: for each topic throughout the program,
–       Grocery store tours
–       Eating at a restaurant
–       Meal prep: from the grocery store to the table
–       Inspiration: self love, sticking to it, making this a lifestyle, creating a vision, love your body, and our emotional response to our surroundings and food
–       cooking classes: replacing foods you love with foods you will still love but are better for you.
–       Weekly segments, goals and steps.
–       Resources: movies and websites
–       Support system through a buddy, group coaching or one on one coaching.
Click HERE to watch a couple of videos and to learn at bit more about the program

I would love to hear from you with any questions or concerns. You will find my contact info below

Ashley Daniels
BS Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, Certified Health Coach

Tera Shaffer Photography, Portrait and Event Photographer

1468515_575870219147622_1826971546_a I started dabbling in photography about 10 years ago. I began working with another wedding photographer and learned a lot about the business! Because I knew so many Ida high school students, I started doing senior pictures. This escalated into my current business.  I now specialize in senior pictures.  I also shoot weddings, events, families and couples.

I am married to Bryan Shaffer and we have 3 children, Rylee (first grader in Ida), Braxton & Reagan (Braxton & Reagan are future Blue Streaks). I am actually from Cincinnati. My husband introduced me to this small town and I quickly fell in love with it! The people are great. The school is even better and I would not raise my family anywhere else. It amazes me that 95% of all my business is done in Ida. That is probably why I love doing my job. I get to work with people from this community and capture moments for them!

I currently coach Ida Middle School Sideline Cheerleading.
I just stepped down as the Ida Varsity Cheer coach to make more time for my family. I could not give up coaching all together so I stepped down to help middle school girls!
I am a member of the Ida PTA

I have had the opportunity to take pictures for Ida Intramural basketball & Ida PTA Soccer league. I also do middle school sports pictures at Ida (Volleyball, cheer and wrestling) I am also the Ida Prom photographer

I am very involved with Young Life. I have been a leader at Ida’s Young Life, working with high school kids, since 2008. My current role in Young Life is on the Adult Committee, which supports the young life program and leaders.

I currently volunteer my photography services at Ida Elementary School. I take pictures for the “Character Strikes in Me” program every month. The students all receive a photo to honor their good behavior that is promoted at Ida. It is a really cool program and I love being able to help it out!

I really do consider myself a fan of All Things Ida…
Tera Shaffer Photography on Facebook

From Ida to India…. Kelsey Deland

tumblr_inline_mo00r6eINU1s18t8kYesterday afternoon while I was at Dr. Deland’s with my dogs he mentioned that his daughter Kelsey was in India…..Now me being the Nosey Nellie that I am I of course had to know WHY and a few more details. Brian told me that she has a blog about her adventure…. and I just LOVE the name.. “From Ida to India”… Don’t you just love that..?

The blog is very colorful and it is a very interesting read… This is the about the author from her blog (The WHY!)

Kelsey DeLand is a first-year veterinary student at Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. This blog will chronicle her research and adventures as she participates in the USDA Food Systems Fellowship to Tamil Nadu, India. Kelsey loves food. And animals. And most of all, food animals!

Here is the link if you scroll to the bottom of that page you can start with her first post and join her as your travels India!……

Our American Flag Flys High Atop the Ida Farmer’s Co-Op Elevators

flag1High on top the Ida Farmer’s Co-Op elevators fly’s the American Flag. This flag was erected in 2002 with community support and the Ida Civic Club. Your able to see the lite flag on a clear night from many miles away. The elevators was the very best choice for the flag to be erected.

Coming into Ida during Christmas is especially nice because your not only able to see the lite flag but also a huge star that has been on one of the other elevators for many years. I can just image what a stranger traveling into our community must think when they see those beautiful symbols. It does indeed make me proud to be part of this Close Knit Community of Ida, Michigan.

In addition to the Ida Farmer’s Co-Op allowing the flag to be placed on top of their elevators… the wonderful crew there also helps maintain it. They check the light, change the rope and replace it when it needs to be replaced…. all with out asking. The crew at the Co-Op do this because that is the kind of people that work there.

The Ida Civic Club may have been responsible for getting the flag on top of the Co-Op and the crew working at the Co-Op may be the ones that are taking charge of the up keep but there is also on going funding to make sure that there is always a beautiful flag that is flying high above Ida.

George Schroder, the first president of the Ida Farmer’s Co-Op will always play a huge part in having the American Flag flying over Ida. Mary Gerweck who has worked at the Co-Op for years asked if their family could make it a family project to purchase the replacement flags in honor of their father Louis Schroder who is the son George Schroder. We are truly blessed to have so many people joining together for such a patriot community project.

Thanks to all for have made it possible for the American flag to fly over our community and a special thanks for those who are here to keep it flying.

Is Ida Like Mayberry?

Maybe the days of Andy Taylor in the town of Mayberry are gone. I think it might be very hard now to find a town such as Mayberry. Perhaps people are to busy with to many projects going on, but I still think deep down inside many would like to live in a town such as Mayberry… EXCEPT for the fact that it was a dry county,

It was friends helping friends.. neighbors helping neighbors. where did that simple time go? Call me old fashion or maybe call me nosey but I like to know what is going on in my community.

I love the small community that I live in. It is a cozy rural community, located just far enough from large cities to be close to what is happening… but yet far enough away to be a small community.

I live in the Close Knit Community of Ida, Michigan.

Ida as a destination location….

Have you ever planned a trip that would take you to a destination that was off the beaten path? A place that was not on your route but you had to take a side trip to get to it? AND… there was nothing except that destination along the way?

Wouldn’t it be great if Ida was a destination like that? If our community had something to offer that trips would be planned around it.

We have an event like that here in Ida but it is only 1 weekend a year. It would be great if it could be like that every weekend.. not just once a year. Just image what a boom for the community that would be.

Here in Michigan we have several destination locations. One of those places is Mackinaw Island. Mackinac Island is an island and resort area covering 3.8 square miles (9.8 km2) in land area,  located in Lake Huron, at the eastern end of the Straits of Mackinac, between the state’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas

So what makes this place so special? For one thing there are no automobiles allowed, bikes and horses are the only way to get around. (except in the winter they do allow snow mobiles) They also have the famous Mackinaw Fudge and Salt Water Taffy. There is a breathtaking view. The Grand Hotel has the worlds longest porch.

Mackinaw Island is where the movie “Somewhere in Time” starring Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour was filmed.

So what is their gimmick? Maybe the whole ambiance of the Island, a mixture of many things together that make this one of Michigan’s destination locations.

I went to Arizona to visit my parents one winter and we planned a trip to Oatman, Arizona. Oatman is one of those places that is off the beaten path…. I mean WAY off the beaten path. It is indeed a destination location. Nothing and I mean nothing is found on the way to it off the main highway.

Oatman is an old mining town it has burros that walk freely through the town and eat carrot that you bring with you to feed them or your able to buy bags at the local stores in town. I loved the place…. It was my kind of town. I felt right at home with all those burros walking all over the place. There were lots of places to eat and get an ice cold beer and many places to shop for all sorts of things.

The Oatman Hotel is where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent a honeymoon night in 1939, after being married in Kingman.

Oatman has a gunfight in the street through out the day and then they pass the hat…and it is always for a good cause. It was indeed a fun time and the place was PACKED!

I was brain storming with a few people about how to get people to come to Ida more than just once a year. I told them about how Oatman has attracted visitors. They all looked at me as if I had 2 heads. I WAS GIVING AN EXAMPLE!!!!!! All they could think of was “where are we going to get burros?”

Silly people.. no imagination.

So where have you been that was a destination like Oatman or Mackinaw Island? What made you want to go there?

What can you think of to get that same concept in your community? Try to think beyond where your going to house those burros.

The video below is of driving to that destination location… Oatman Arizona

What about Smash Ida?

How could we do a Smash Ida campaign? Not sure I am crazy about the name that Toledo has given to their new marketing idea but I love the concept!

Smash Toledo has just posted their first video….. Can’t wait to see the next one in the series.

Smash Toledo promotes the “shop local” theme.. it is all about keeping money in your own community.

Smash Toledo will be an online food and beverage discovery hub for the best the city of Toledo, Ohio and surrounding areas have to offer.

Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education

If you saw a dime on the ground.. would you pick it up? I know that I would. I always pick up coins that I find on the ground…. yes, even pennies. I think it is habit more than anything. Over the years I am sure that I have found a substantial amount of money.

Finding a dime on the ground may not seem like a lot but if you were to combined your efforts with 100’s of others on a routine basis…. those dimes would quickly add up. Campbell’s and General Mills both offer the same concept as finding dimes on the ground….they both offer a way for your school to benefit by placing a specific label on their products that you collect and when turned into your school they are able to redeem them for CASH….

There are 2 companies that are trading labels for CASH…. Campbell’s and General Mills.

Campbell’s = Labels for Education
General Mills = Box Tops for Education

General Mills launched Box Tops for Education in 1996 on its cereal boxes. Since then, the program has given more than $400 million to schools across the country. Today, 30,000 schools participate in this nationwide fundraising program. New products are being added to the program constantly, so keep your eye out for the logo on your favorite products.

On this page you will find a list of products that have labels on them. Most are worth 10 cents each unless otherwise stated. Some Bonus Box Tops are worth more but they contain the amount and an expiration date. The schools turn the labels in for CASH and they are able to get a check twice a year… Up to $20,000 a year…. Just think what YOUR school could do with additional money.

If you want to PRINT off a list of participating box top products you can go here

Please keep in mind that more and more products are being added to that list. I am making it a habit to now look over all packages before I throw them out. It only takes a few seconds and it is able to produce such good.

I bet it you looked in your pantry now you would find lots of “Dimes”.

Labels for Education is for Campbell’s and many other products like Pepperidge Farms, Pop Secret, BIC, and Post just to name a few. These labels are turned into Campbell’s for points that can be used to buy items like computer games, supplies, and items to use in the classroom.

Take a few moments to check each website for specific products and to make sure your school is enrolled. Each site has a handy search box for you to see what schools in your area are participating

Just another hint…Tyson labels are great because they are worth 24 cents each so that really adds up.

I bet you have a pantry FULL of labels just waiting to be clipped.

Once collected you can send these labels into school with your kids. Perhaps you could set up a collection box at your work place or your church. If people simply know about this I am sure they will be happy to help. We do not have any kids but this is something that is so easy to do and so beneficial that I will be checking out my food containers before I pitch them from now on.

Our Ida Library has a collection box for both Labels for Education and Box Tops for Education. Suzanne has the box placed on the window sill where the self service check out station is. Box Tops for Education go to the Ida Middle School and the Labels for Education go to the Ida Elementary School.

Please start collecting and help your school find extra CASH one of the easiest ways possible. A big thanks to both Labels for Education- Campbell’s and Box Tops for Education- General Mills for offering this wonderful nationwide fundraiser. It really does not get much easier than this.

Here are a couple of images of the labels that you are to be looking for. I found many shapes and sizes of the images. Once you get the hang of it they will be easy to spot!

Can We Bring The Brighton Dining Concept To Ida?

I was reading a “Local Detroit” magazine the other day and came across a very interesting ad. I could hardly wait to get home and check out the website.

What a Concept!

I have been racking my brain trying to use the concept and apply it to the small town where I live.
The website is

Brighton, Michigan is located where 23 and 96 cross. Brighton Dining is made up of 11 family owned and operated restaurants. All of the restaurants are located within walking distance of each other. They all offer a very diverse cuisine. Looking at the menus it would be hard for me to choose which one to dine at first.

But… it is the concept of “WHY” they have all joined together that makes the website so unusual.

The group consists of 11 restaurants all in a very small area and in a city of less than 10,000 people. They are not in competition with each other, they are in competition with the chain restaurants… like the Applebee’s and the Ruby Tuesdays.

Joining together as they have done and promoting as one will be good for all I am sure. I can’t help but think that somehow this “concept” could be used in Ida. Your input would be very much appreciated