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Tera Shaffer Photography, Portrait and Event Photographer

1468515_575870219147622_1826971546_a I started dabbling in photography about 10 years ago. I began working with another wedding photographer and learned a lot about the business! Because I knew so many Ida high school students, I started doing senior pictures. This escalated into my current business.  I now specialize in senior pictures.  I also shoot weddings, events, families and couples.

I am married to Bryan Shaffer and we have 3 children, Rylee (first grader in Ida), Braxton & Reagan (Braxton & Reagan are future Blue Streaks). I am actually from Cincinnati. My husband introduced me to this small town and I quickly fell in love with it! The people are great. The school is even better and I would not raise my family anywhere else. It amazes me that 95% of all my business is done in Ida. That is probably why I love doing my job. I get to work with people from this community and capture moments for them!

I currently coach Ida Middle School Sideline Cheerleading.
I just stepped down as the Ida Varsity Cheer coach to make more time for my family. I could not give up coaching all together so I stepped down to help middle school girls!
I am a member of the Ida PTA

I have had the opportunity to take pictures for Ida Intramural basketball & Ida PTA Soccer league. I also do middle school sports pictures at Ida (Volleyball, cheer and wrestling) I am also the Ida Prom photographer

I am very involved with Young Life. I have been a leader at Ida’s Young Life, working with high school kids, since 2008. My current role in Young Life is on the Adult Committee, which supports the young life program and leaders.

I currently volunteer my photography services at Ida Elementary School. I take pictures for the “Character Strikes in Me” program every month. The students all receive a photo to honor their good behavior that is promoted at Ida. It is a really cool program and I love being able to help it out!

I really do consider myself a fan of All Things Ida…

Tera Shaffer Photography on Facebook

Is Ida Like Mayberry?

Maybe the days of Andy Taylor in the town of Mayberry are gone. I think it might be very hard now to find a town such as Mayberry. Perhaps people are to busy with to many projects going on, but I still think deep down inside many would like to live in a town such as Mayberry… EXCEPT for the fact that it was a dry county,

It was friends helping friends.. neighbors helping neighbors. where did that simple time go? Call me old fashion or maybe call me nosey but I like to know what is going on in my community.

I love the small community that I live in. It is a cozy rural community, located just far enough from large cities to be close to what is happening… but yet far enough away to be a small community.

I live in the Close Knit Community of Ida, Michigan.

Ida as a destination location….

Have you ever planned a trip that would take you to a destination that was off the beaten path? A place that was not on your route but you had to take a side trip to get to it? AND… there was nothing except that destination along the way?

Wouldn’t it be great if Ida was a destination like that? If our community had something to offer that trips would be planned around it.

We have an event like that here in Ida but it is only 1 weekend a year. It would be great if it could be like that every weekend.. not just once a year. Just image what a boom for the community that would be.

Here in Michigan we have several destination locations. One of those places is Mackinaw Island. Mackinac Island is an island and resort area covering 3.8 square miles (9.8 km2) in land area,  located in Lake Huron, at the eastern end of the Straits of Mackinac, between the state’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas

So what makes this place so special? For one thing there are no automobiles allowed, bikes and horses are the only way to get around. (except in the winter they do allow snow mobiles) They also have the famous Mackinaw Fudge and Salt Water Taffy. There is a breathtaking view. The Grand Hotel has the worlds longest porch.

Mackinaw Island is where the movie “Somewhere in Time” starring Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour was filmed.

So what is their gimmick? Maybe the whole ambiance of the Island, a mixture of many things together that make this one of Michigan’s destination locations.

I went to Arizona to visit my parents one winter and we planned a trip to Oatman, Arizona. Oatman is one of those places that is off the beaten path…. I mean WAY off the beaten path. It is indeed a destination location. Nothing and I mean nothing is found on the way to it off the main highway.

Oatman is an old mining town it has burros that walk freely through the town and eat carrot that you bring with you to feed them or your able to buy bags at the local stores in town. I loved the place…. It was my kind of town. I felt right at home with all those burros walking all over the place. There were lots of places to eat and get an ice cold beer and many places to shop for all sorts of things.

The Oatman Hotel is where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent a honeymoon night in 1939, after being married in Kingman.

Oatman has a gunfight in the street through out the day and then they pass the hat…and it is always for a good cause. It was indeed a fun time and the place was PACKED!

I was brain storming with a few people about how to get people to come to Ida more than just once a year. I told them about how Oatman has attracted visitors. They all looked at me as if I had 2 heads. I WAS GIVING AN EXAMPLE!!!!!! All they could think of was “where are we going to get burros?”

Silly people.. no imagination.

So where have you been that was a destination like Oatman or Mackinaw Island? What made you want to go there?

What can you think of to get that same concept in your community? Try to think beyond where your going to house those burros.

The video below is of driving to that destination location… Oatman Arizona

Businesses of Ida in 1968

I found these very interesting lists of businesses that were in Ida in 1968. I got these lists from the Ida Area Centennial 1868-1968.
Our library has a whole room with all sorts of very interesting “stuff” about Ida.

Here are 2 lists, 1 contains a list of businesses that were here in Ida in 1968 on Lewis Ave. The other list is of businesses that were also here in Ida in 1968 but were not located on Main Street.

Ida Businesses on Lewis Ave. 1968
Bob’s Marathon Station
Village Recreation
Ida Variety Store
Goodrich’s Barbershop
Central Tavern
Climes Hardware
Noble’s Market
Al’s T.V. and Radio
Brown’s Barbershop
Mann’s Pharmacy
Gorm’s Garage and Freeze Cone
Clair’s Style Shop
Oberski Plumbing and Heating
Kurtz’s Implement
Jerry’s Shell Station
Zorn’s Garage
Scheid’s Plumbing and Heating
Ida Tavern
Ida Food Locker
Betsy’s Grill
Nick’s Coney Island
Mathew’s Barbershop
Opal’s Beauty Shop
Gruber’s Market
Barron Oil Company
Ida Implement
Wolverine Farm Service
Riley’s Real Estate

Ida Businesses not on Main Street 1968
Robert Barkenquast, Contractor
Lee Hoppert and Son, Contractor
Fabrow Manufacturing Company
Fabian Geiger, Mason Contractor
Merl Sanch, Builder
Capaul Funeral Home
Richard Tuller, Contractor
Wilbur Lohr, Insurance Agent
Marion (Sam) Shields, Insurance
Ida Orchards
Ida Center Market
Ed and Dell’s Market
Tallend Printing
Village Ceramics
Newman Electrical Service
Appleman’s Peat and Nursery
Bordner’s Nursery
Skip Bliss, Trees and Nursery
Diroff’s Florist
Hovizi’s Florist
Alice and J. Miller Insurance

What happened to those businesses? I see that several are still here, and a few have changed their name.

By the looks of the 2 lists Ida was a boom town in 1968…..Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our Close Knit Community could be a boom town again but still keep the small town charm that it has now?

To me, Ida is like Mayberry… but of course it is NOT DRY, and thank goodness for that.

Organizations in 1968

The information below was taken from The Ida Centennial 1868-1968 book about organizations that were in Ida in 1968. I have posted an image of the page in the book that it came from at the end of the post. I think it may be a bit had to read for many.

Look at the list of organization that were around in 1968. Do you know which ones are still here?

There are many organizations active in Ida today. Some of them are Service organizations which are active in Ida’s political and governmental Life; others are designed for pleasure and recreation.

An important service organization is Ida today is the Ida Fireman’s Association. Their primary function is to provide volunteer fire protection for the Ida area. They were organized in 1938 and the first chief was Russel G Scheid. This group of active men can boast many awards won on the annual Firemen’s Day Field Days sponsored by the Ohio-Michigan Firemen’s Association.

The Ida Civic Club is another important organization. This club was organized in 1944 by a group of civic minded men. Their motto is “Promoting Through Civic Unity.” The first president was William H. Bahrs and through the years this group has promoted many civic improvements.

The Veteran’s organization, The Lynn C. Weeman Post of the American Legion, came to Ida in 1958. The first commander was Walter Sagen and the post is named after the first Ida boy Killed in W.W.II. This group is responsible for sending students to Girl’s State and Boy’s State annually. They also assist veterans and their families with any problems the family may have. They are active in providing recreation for the hospital at Ann Arbor. The Woman’s Auxiliary to the Post’s social and service activities.

The Ida Parent-Teachers Association
The Ida Band Booster
The Ida Athletic Boosters
Ida Pack 38 Cub Scouts
Ida Troop 38 Boy Scouts
Ida Explorer Post Boy Scouts
Ida Campfire Girls
Ida Four H
Ida Extension