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My name is Ashley Daniels.  I have lived in Ida all of my life. I work for Beyond Basics Health Coaching. We are a holistic nutrition education company.We have mainly done one-on-one coaching for many years and have developed a structure that has produced amazing success with our clients!

Clients have reported no longer having diabetes, colon cancer, heart disease, fatty liver disease, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, weight loss issues, infertility, high cholesterol, and so much more. It’s been amazing to see, and we know anyone can benefit from living a healthy lifestyle.

This is the reason we have put our program on videos!  We are launching the video based program June 8th.

We feel that inspiration and education is key to the success of someone who wants to make a lifestyle change. We educate clients on:
–       Food quality education: dairy, meat, gluten, sugar, soy, nutrient dense food, integration of veggies, raw vs non,     organic, Non GMO, use food to heal and so much more.
–       How your body responds to food (personally)
–       What to buy and why
–       Baby steps over six months
–       Menu planning: for each topic throughout the program,
–       Grocery store tours
–       Eating at a restaurant
–       Meal prep: from the grocery store to the table
–       Inspiration: self love, sticking to it, making this a lifestyle, creating a vision, love your body, and our emotional response to our surroundings and food
–       cooking classes: replacing foods you love with foods you will still love but are better for you.
–       Weekly segments, goals and steps.
–       Resources: movies and websites
–       Support system through a buddy, group coaching or one on one coaching.
Click HERE to watch a couple of videos and to learn at bit more about the program

I would love to hear from you with any questions or concerns. You will find my contact info below

Ashley Daniels
BS Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, Certified Health Coach

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