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Our American Flag Flys High Atop the Ida Farmer’s Co-Op Elevators

High on top the Ida Farmer’s Co-Op elevators fly’s the American Flag. This flag was erected in 2002 with community support and the Ida Civic Club. Your able to see the lite flag on a clear night from many miles away. The elevators was the very best choice for the flag to be erected. Coming […]


Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education

If you saw a dime on the ground.. would you pick it up? I know that I would. I always pick up coins that I find on the ground…. yes, even pennies. I think it is habit more than anything. Over the years I am sure that I have found a substantial amount of money. […]


Ida Athletic Booster are seeking donation for a new track

The Ida Athletic Boosters are on a mission. Over the past few years the group has grown in numbers and with those number has come a great deal of strength. Ida Athletic Booster are seeking donation for a new track. In the past few months they announced that they are seeking donors to help with […]