Elevated Dog Beds for Monroe County Animal Shelter

The “Friends of the Shelter” are working on a project to build elevated dog beds for our local Monroe County Animal Shelter located off South Raisinville Road. These dog beds are made of PVC pipe and heavy fabric. The elevated dog beds offer the dogs a comfortable place to wait until their owner’s find them or they are adopted out to their forever homes.

The idea for this project came from a group called the Columbus Dog Connection. This great group of people have made and donated more than 900 elevated dog beds for their area. Click Here to read about what they have done and to see the plans for what we are doing as a group to make elevated dog beds for our own local animal shelter.

Here is a video that shows some members of the Columbus Dog Connection making elevated dog beds
CLICK HERE to have downloadable printed instructions to make the beds.

Email any questions or concerns to [email protected]
Better yet… Call me 734-269-6126

The cost to make each bed is right around $15.00. We are finding that replacing the fabric will be an on going task…

<<How many beds would you like to help us make?>>

An account has been set up through the Ida Civic Club to collect the money for this project….
We give them a HUGE thank you for doing this!
Please send monetary donations to:
“Friends of the Shelter”
% C. Bolley P.O. Box 72 Ida, Michigan 48140
Make checks payable to “Ida Civic Club”
PLEASE indicate “Dog Bed Project”

Your able to help the animals at the shelter in many ways. Volunteers are always needed to help out around the shelter.

4-H groups, clubs and other organizations could host a “Shower for the Shelter”, encouraging guests to bring items needed for the cats and dogs….

The shelter is always in need of the same things you have for your own dogs and cats. These are a few of the items that I see the shelter posting about on their Facebook Page that they are always in need of

X-Large Latex Gloves
Cat Litter…. Yes they have cats too.

I am certain they could always use dog and cat food… kitten and puppy food too. Treats and toys,

Dog Shampoo…. Anything that you have for your dog or cat.. I am certain they would be able to use it at the shelter….Please be sure to “LIKE” the Monroe County Animal Shelters Facebook Page

Several years ago two 4-H groups got together and hosted a tea party in Ida… it was a very fun event complete with entertainment, all of the proceeds were donated to a very worthy cause.

Make your gift giving easy… instead of trying to think of the perfect gift for people on the birthday, anniversary, and Christmas lists….. donate food, bleach, litter, ect. to the shelter. Your gift will always be in fashion and always the right size and of course always very much appreciated. After all do they really need another tie?

Remembering the shelter in your will is another thought for you….. There will always be animals in need of your help. What a wonderful legacy you could leave.

I am sure they are many other ways that your able to help the animals at the shelter. Does not matter what it is…. Your efforts will be appreciated!