From Ida to India…. Kelsey Deland

tumblr_inline_mo00r6eINU1s18t8kYesterday afternoon while I was at Dr. Deland’s with my dogs he mentioned that his daughter Kelsey was in India…..Now me being the Nosey Nellie that I am I of course had to know WHY and a few more details. Brian told me that she has a blog about her adventure…. and I just LOVE the name.. “From Ida to India”… Don’t you just love that..?

The blog is very colorful and it is a very interesting read… This is the about the author from her blog (The WHY!)

Kelsey DeLand is a first-year veterinary student at Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. This blog will chronicle her research and adventures as she participates in the USDA Food Systems Fellowship to Tamil Nadu, India. Kelsey loves food. And animals. And most of all, food animals!

Here is the link if you scroll to the bottom of that page you can start with her first post and join her as your travels India!……

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