Ida Area Cemeteries

Ida area Cemetery image

Ida Township
Burial Requirements:
*Must be an Ida Township resident. (OR)
*Must have a relative buried in the cemetery. (OR)
*Must be an Ida Township property owner.

`Lulu Cemetery
`Richardson Cemetery (Not active)

Private Cemeteries
Ida Township

`Immanuel Lutheran East Ida
`Immanuel Lutheran West Ida
`St. Joseph’s Catholic
`Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

Ida Township is also home to the Historical Bethleham Cemetery. This cemetery is no longer visible but it was located on the east side of Geiger Road, south of West Albain Road in Ida Township.

The Bethlehem Church was built around 1850. It can be assumed that the cemetery was established about the same time. The Church never had its own pastor, nor was it ever connected with a Synod. It merged with Immanuel Church of Saum Road to form the beginnings of the present East Ida Immanuel Lutheran Church.
The bodies interred in Bethleham Cemetery were moved to the present East Ida Cemetery.

Raisinville Township
Burial Requirements:
*Must be a Rasinville Township resident.

`Rath Cemetery

Private Cemeteries
Rasinville Township

`Prince of Peace Lutheran

Rasinville Township has several other cemeteries, both private and township owned that are further away from the Ida area.