Organizations in 1968

The information below was taken from The Ida Centennial 1868-1968 book about organizations that were in Ida in 1968. I have posted an image of the page in the book that it came from at the end of the post. I think it may be a bit had to read for many.

Look at the list of organization that were around in 1968. Do you know which ones are still here?

There are many organizations active in Ida today. Some of them are Service organizations which are active in Ida’s political and governmental Life; others are designed for pleasure and recreation.

An important service organization is Ida today is the Ida Fireman’s Association. Their primary function is to provide volunteer fire protection for the Ida area. They were organized in 1938 and the first chief was Russel G Scheid. This group of active men can boast many awards won on the annual Firemen’s Day Field Days sponsored by the Ohio-Michigan Firemen’s Association.

The Ida Civic Club is another important organization. This club was organized in 1944 by a group of civic minded men. Their motto is “Promoting Through Civic Unity.” The first president was William H. Bahrs and through the years this group has promoted many civic improvements.

The Veteran’s organization, The Lynn C. Weeman Post of the American Legion, came to Ida in 1958. The first commander was Walter Sagen and the post is named after the first Ida boy Killed in W.W.II. This group is responsible for sending students to Girl’s State and Boy’s State annually. They also assist veterans and their families with any problems the family may have. They are active in providing recreation for the hospital at Ann Arbor. The Woman’s Auxiliary to the Post’s social and service activities.

The Ida Parent-Teachers Association
The Ida Band Booster
The Ida Athletic Boosters
Ida Pack 38 Cub Scouts
Ida Troop 38 Boy Scouts
Ida Explorer Post Boy Scouts
Ida Campfire Girls
Ida Four H
Ida Extension


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