Our American Flag Flys High Atop the Ida Farmer’s Co-Op Elevators

flag1High on top the Ida Farmer’s Co-Op elevators fly’s the American Flag. This flag was erected in 2002 with community support and the Ida Civic Club. Your able to see the lite flag on a clear night from many miles away. The elevators was the very best choice for the flag to be erected.

Coming into Ida during Christmas is especially nice because your not only able to see the lite flag but also a huge star that has been on one of the other elevators for many years. I can just image what a stranger traveling into our community must think when they see those beautiful symbols. It does indeed make me proud to be part of this Close Knit Community of Ida, Michigan.

In addition to the Ida Farmer’s Co-Op allowing the flag to be placed on top of their elevators… the wonderful crew there also helps maintain it. They check the light, change the rope and replace it when it needs to be replaced…. all with out asking. The crew at the Co-Op do this because that is the kind of people that work there.

The Ida Civic Club may have been responsible for getting the flag on top of the Co-Op and the crew working at the Co-Op may be the ones that are taking charge of the up keep but there is also on going funding to make sure that there is always a beautiful flag that is flying high above Ida.

George Schroder, the first president of the Ida Farmer’s Co-Op will always play a huge part in having the American Flag flying over Ida. Mary Gerweck who has worked at the Co-Op for years asked if their family could make it a family project to purchase the replacement flags in honor of their father Louis Schroder who is the son George Schroder. We are truly blessed to have so many people joining together for such a patriot community project.

Thanks to all for have made it possible for the American flag to fly over our community and a special thanks for those who are here to keep it flying.

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