Do You Have A Sex Offender Living Next Door?

Sex offenders are everywhere. There maybe one living in your neighborhood.

No community is immune from having sex offenders living amongst them. It does not matter if you live in a large city, a small town like Ida or anything in between. You could have a sex offender in your neighborhood.

You can find out here if you have a sex offender near you.

I didn’t put anything except my zip code into that site to find out that I had a sex offender living in my area. So please don’t think you have to fill out that info that they ask you for… just enter your zip code where it asks for that.

Rachel’s Challenge Came To Ida

A few months ago  I had the pleasure of attending Rachael’s Challenge, an event that was hosted by our Ida Schools. I attended the session that was designed for the parent. There had been 2 other age appropriate presentations earlier in the day.

Rachel’s Challenge is a series of student empowering programs and strategies that equip students and adults to combat bullying and ally feelings of isolation and despair by creating a culture of kindness and compassion. The programs are based on the writings and life of 17 year-old Rachel Scott who was the first student killed at Columbine High School in 1999. Rachel left a legacy of reaching out to those who were different, who were picked on by others, or who were new at her school.

There were many messages in the presentation but all combined together I think the main focus was on being nice to each other and making an effort to accept people as they are.

Rachel was an aspiring author, much of the presentation was laced with her writings… Start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion. People will never know how far a little kindness and compassion can go.

One of Rachel’s heroes was Ann Frank, “you can always give something.. even if it is just kindness.

The presenter left us with 5 challenges…

#1 Eliminate Prejudice
Look for the best in others.
Give people 3 opportunities before you judge them

#2 Dream BIG
Write down your goals, keep a journal
Your never to old to dream BIG.

#3 Choose Positive Influences
Your input will determine your output.
Rachael choose to reach out to
* Special needs kids
* New students
* Students that were being picked on

#4 Speak With Kindness
Words can hurt or heal

#5 Start Your Own Chain Reaction

I enjoyed the program very much and the presenter did an excellent job. There were many students in the audience, they all had heard this message earlier in the day but choose to hear it again. I applaud those kids. They took Rachel’s Challenge.. I hope they continue the chain reaction.

4 Lambs Born at Alcona High School

My mother knows how I love critters… it does not matter what kind they are I love them all.. some just more than others. When she saw this article in her local paper she just had to share it with me.

Alcona High School has a National FFA Organization (formerly called Future Farmers of America… FFA) This lamb project is just one of many the the children are involved with being members of this organization.

I was just sure that Ida Schools must have a local FFA organization but I was told that they no longer do. The closest one is in Dundee.

I am wondering when this organization was withdrawn from the school. Was it because of lack of funding? Not enough interest to make it worth while.

So many children are involved with 4-H that I would think FFA would be a natural to have offered at our school. If anyone has any info on the past group I would really like to hear about it.

Please take a moment to read the article about the “4” lambs that were born at the school. It is such a touching story.  A live Web-Cam called Ewe-Tube…. Gotta love that special addition.

Ida Athletic Booster are seeking donation for a new track

The Ida Athletic Boosters are on a mission. Over the past few years the group has grown in numbers and with those number has come a great deal of strength.

Ida Athletic Booster are seeking donation for a new track. In the past few months they announced that they are seeking donors to help with the $395,000 cost of building a new track facility in 2014. $120,000 of that has already been raised.

They are also offering that the new facility could hold the name of a major donor with a pledge of only $200,000. This would be a wonderful way to advertise your business on into the future or perhaps carry on a family name here in our small rural community of Ida.

Just this past week I received in the mail a notice from the President of the group, Dan Stotz about this wonderful project. In case you have miss placed yours I have created both the letter as well as the the additional info/pledge sheet.

Please consider donating to this very worth while cause. You will find phone numbers on the letter of the all of the officers, they will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

New Track Facility


Additional info/pledge sheet

Ida Michigan…MapQuest

The original MapQuest page for Ida, Michigan can be found by clicking HERE

Businesses of Ida in 1968

I found these very interesting lists of businesses that were in Ida in 1968. I got these lists from the Ida Area Centennial 1868-1968.
Our library has a whole room with all sorts of very interesting “stuff” about Ida.

Here are 2 lists, 1 contains a list of businesses that were here in Ida in 1968 on Lewis Ave. The other list is of businesses that were also here in Ida in 1968 but were not located on Main Street.

Ida Businesses on Lewis Ave. 1968
Bob’s Marathon Station
Village Recreation
Ida Variety Store
Goodrich’s Barbershop
Central Tavern
Climes Hardware
Noble’s Market
Al’s T.V. and Radio
Brown’s Barbershop
Mann’s Pharmacy
Gorm’s Garage and Freeze Cone
Clair’s Style Shop
Oberski Plumbing and Heating
Kurtz’s Implement
Jerry’s Shell Station
Zorn’s Garage
Scheid’s Plumbing and Heating
Ida Tavern
Ida Food Locker
Betsy’s Grill
Nick’s Coney Island
Mathew’s Barbershop
Opal’s Beauty Shop
Gruber’s Market
Barron Oil Company
Ida Implement
Wolverine Farm Service
Riley’s Real Estate

Ida Businesses not on Main Street 1968
Robert Barkenquast, Contractor
Lee Hoppert and Son, Contractor
Fabrow Manufacturing Company
Fabian Geiger, Mason Contractor
Merl Sanch, Builder
Capaul Funeral Home
Richard Tuller, Contractor
Wilbur Lohr, Insurance Agent
Marion (Sam) Shields, Insurance
Ida Orchards
Ida Center Market
Ed and Dell’s Market
Tallend Printing
Village Ceramics
Newman Electrical Service
Appleman’s Peat and Nursery
Bordner’s Nursery
Skip Bliss, Trees and Nursery
Diroff’s Florist
Hovizi’s Florist
Alice and J. Miller Insurance

What happened to those businesses? I see that several are still here, and a few have changed their name.

By the looks of the 2 lists Ida was a boom town in 1968…..Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our Close Knit Community could be a boom town again but still keep the small town charm that it has now?

To me, Ida is like Mayberry… but of course it is NOT DRY, and thank goodness for that.

Organizations in 1968

The information below was taken from The Ida Centennial 1868-1968 book about organizations that were in Ida in 1968. I have posted an image of the page in the book that it came from at the end of the post. I think it may be a bit had to read for many.

Look at the list of organization that were around in 1968. Do you know which ones are still here?

There are many organizations active in Ida today. Some of them are Service organizations which are active in Ida’s political and governmental Life; others are designed for pleasure and recreation.

An important service organization is Ida today is the Ida Fireman’s Association. Their primary function is to provide volunteer fire protection for the Ida area. They were organized in 1938 and the first chief was Russel G Scheid. This group of active men can boast many awards won on the annual Firemen’s Day Field Days sponsored by the Ohio-Michigan Firemen’s Association.

The Ida Civic Club is another important organization. This club was organized in 1944 by a group of civic minded men. Their motto is “Promoting Through Civic Unity.” The first president was William H. Bahrs and through the years this group has promoted many civic improvements.

The Veteran’s organization, The Lynn C. Weeman Post of the American Legion, came to Ida in 1958. The first commander was Walter Sagen and the post is named after the first Ida boy Killed in W.W.II. This group is responsible for sending students to Girl’s State and Boy’s State annually. They also assist veterans and their families with any problems the family may have. They are active in providing recreation for the hospital at Ann Arbor. The Woman’s Auxiliary to the Post’s social and service activities.

The Ida Parent-Teachers Association
The Ida Band Booster
The Ida Athletic Boosters
Ida Pack 38 Cub Scouts
Ida Troop 38 Boy Scouts
Ida Explorer Post Boy Scouts
Ida Campfire Girls
Ida Four H
Ida Extension


Dr. Stanley Newcomb

This is Dr. Stanley Newcomb and his trusty horse. Dr. Newcomb served the Ida Community from 1904-1938.

This picture was taken in 1908. The good Dr. made house calls on horse back.

Guns Blasting in Ida?

As I was looking for items to post about Ida I was hoping to find stories of arguments that started in the Taverns and lead out onto the street with a gun fight. I have watched to many westerns I guess or maybe people in Ida didn’t act like the cowboys out west.

No such luck on hearing a story of guns blasting in the street of Ida. The closest story I heard was about 2 brothers who got drunk in the Ida Tavern and when they left.. they shot out the street lights in town.

I am not sure how true that story is but… I know these 2 boys and I can believe they may have done just that!

What’s With All The MUD?

I have been reading a lot about the history of Ida. I have seen many references made about the “mud” in Ida. Not sure that would be a complimentary image to have come to mind when the name of Ida would be mentioned.

Years ago I traveled with my husband on a business trip to Parma, Ohio. To this day all I remember about that place were the horrible roads. I am sure that shaking the “mud ” label was a very difficult thing to get rid of for Ida.

According to the Ida Centennial  1868-1968 book in 1923 the era of Ida’s famous “mud” ended.

I must have missed something… why was there so much “mud” in Ida, and what happened in 1923 that it was reported as the “mud ended”.